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The production of objective knowledge is our specialty. Analysis gives confidence and precision to your investments. Be the next one who uses objective information to create success.

  • + 20 % customers dwell in store
  • + 20 % interest of purchase
  • + 16 % purchased transactions
  • Reliable information from customer flow surveys

    We carry out customer behaviour surveys in retail environments. There may well be considerable contradictions between what customers say and what they actually do. From these surveys, we gain precise and reliable information about how customers really behave in a physical retail environment. Based on the results, we will definitely know what needs improving to achieve sales growth.

    We have completed more than 160 projects, which have collected over 160,000 observations. Our experience and Store Fact results can be used to identify the things that work or do not work. We know how to pinpoint the primary development areas in your store.

    Do you know your store and your customers?
  • The cold and hot spots of your store?
  • The structure of the target group?
  • How do your customers move around in the store?
  • Where does the client stop, touch the product and make a purchase decision?
  • What is the average time spent in store for women and / or men?
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